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 State Border Service  State Border Service ( beret)  
1,.FIRST POLICE PATCH FOR CROATS IN BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA.This patch is a "copy" of Republic of Croatia police patch

2. BiH, State Border Service(This patch was never in use. It is the 3.draft of the proposal of patch of State Border Service. Only four patches have been produced. Above shown patch was the final version in 1999)

3. This is an original piece which has been in use from the end of the Civil War in 1995.  It's still current but will eventually disappear when the Restructuring of Bosnia's Law Enforcement Agencies takes place.  This piece is only worn by the Court Police in the RS and Brcko District together with their own insignia.   

Currently the Policing arrangements are:

RS - Republic Srpska, a Police Academy, Prison and Court Police

Federation with 10 Cantons (local area), FMuP (Fed. level), Prison Police, Court Police and a Police Academy.  Generally in the Federation most Cantons wear a local Cantonal patch and a separate Federal patch.  Poorer areas only wear Federal insignia. 

Brcko District - An autonomous District acting as a buffer between the RS and FMuP areas.

SIPA - State Investigation and Protection Agency (Formerly the State Information and Protection Agency) The equivalent of the FBI in the US but still in its infancy.

SBS - State Border Service (Similar to many Countries who have Border Guards) 

FMuP- Federal MInistry of Interior
Court Police
Federal Police-KANTONS
Has been in use from the end of the Civil War in 1995.
Has been in use from the end of the Civil War in 1995.

Brazilian Military Police???

2004 Croat patch from Mostar-Neretva Canton (Croats from Bosnia)