Sha of Persia periode. before Islamic Revolution  of 1979.  Gendarmerie & Police
 Police officers attending the Karate training. See the mistake as has the Karate as CARATE!!! Police officers attending the Karate training. See the mistake as has the Karate as CARATE!!! Gendarmerie Gendarmerie Gendarmerie
Gendarmerie Gendarmerie Gendarmerie Gendarmerie Gendarmerie Gendarmerie Desert unit until 1979
Police Police
Gendarmerie 1979   immediately after Revolution of 1979.
Road Gendarmerie Road Gendarmerie Road Gendarmerie
State police since 1979 State police since 1979
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1.- A company established by police Generals here to care about shops in the streets & also take the gangesters to police stations
2.- Iran police system has also started groups that care about buildings. These groups are getting permission from the police system & act in harmony with them & the police system though does not count them members but accepts their reports as of a police.
3.-This patch is for the same group written on it HERASATE KHARG . Kharg is a famous island in the Persian Gulf that is a place where Iran has oil from
4.- Oil Company Central Police.
5.- Iran Oil Company Police Section in Gachsaran city.
6.- Iran National Oil Company Police groups in Tehran. Before the revolution it was called Police but after the revolution the authorities changed the name Police to "HERASAT" meaning the group that keeps the places of oil company safe though same work done as of the Police like before the revolution
7.- This patch reads "Organisation of the prisons & actions for safety of the prisons & educating the prisoners".The wording in the middle reads "Looking after the Prisoners Unit" of the Police
8.- Oil Company Central Police.
9.- Was used several years ago (after revolutions 1980īs) for Police soldiers in buses that were responsible for separating men & women in different sections of the buses & taking tickets from those that had not given the ticket. Now this group does not exist as peoples themselves have learned to separate in 2 separate sections of a bus..
10.-The patch reads "Naazere Ta'minat". Taminat is an old term for Police in Iran. Tamin means having society safe. The patch should then be translated Inspector for the caring of the safety of the society or something like that. This group trained by Police in Iran work under police supervision to care about building
11.- It was the first patch introduces with the Allah wording. Just for a very short time
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. .Railway Police . . . .
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Large Special Forces Commandos SWAT- large Special Forces Commandos SWAT-large Police sniper / Francotirador de la policia Large
traffic police
big patch big patch This patch is not used on clothes. It is used as a displaying item in some police offices. 14x11 cm
Collar badges
  Ideologic of Islamic Studies section   Engineering Section *
Collar for the Generals in Police who attended Police university in comparison with Generals not attending university but came from the ordinary peoples worked in the revolutionary guards
Logestic & Support & the goods section Inteligence section Traffic Police Art Section Border police Special Actions Unit Electronic Section Engineering Section Offices section
 Law Office section Finance section Ideologic or Islamic Studies section Computer section Agahi that is the section for finding the murderers, theives, etc. Sea Police Aero section Section for decipline of the society (most police members are of this group).
 Sepha-Pasdaran (Revolution Guards)