Police unit for guard President Residence ZALISSJA State police 1990-1992




Police Department for struggle against organized crime, Doneck region

Headquarters of the Odessa Region ofthe MIA (police) Headquarters of the Khmelnytsky Region of the MIA (police) HARKOV   Kharkiv city  Militia.Cherkasy Region.  
Kherson region  Lviv region  Militia Headquarters of the Crimea(police, old style) Mikolayin Region Poltava Region  Poltava Region  Volin
Rivne Region  Tax Militia of the city of Kiev Vinnytsya region  Kharkiv city Tax militia Tax militia Tax militia
Traffic militia   Police Music Band Headquarters of the Ternopil Region of the MIA (police) State police security service
State police State police Old version of police troops Police on Transport (old style)

Police woman

Central dept. of the MIA Current patch state police
1998 1988 2001-2004 2001-2004 Police unit in kiev
    MInistry Interior of Affair      MInistry Interior of Affair  Inlying Troops "Cobra" Mountain-Rifle Battalion of the Interrior Troops  Special Police Brigade of the MIA, Odessa city Special police unit for guard of diplomatic corps State Police- for saving importan objects
Crimea Crimea  Odessa.Institut of MIA Ukrainian police for saving public order  Patrol Service of the MIA( Police)  Interior troops of MIA ( police)


Unit "Granit" Donetsk city DAI, traffic police Police troops 1993-1995 Police troops 1993-1995
Interior  troops of the MIA
Odessa city-Police Odessa city-Police Odessa city-Police (Shirt) Special Unit for guard of service men.Tax Police Lugansk city

Public Police (Kiev cIty)

Current patch state police-small Sebastopol
fight olimpiada- 2002 Odessa