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South Western Africa-1990
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1 A rare Obsolete c1989 South Africa Municipal Police "DOG UNIT" RIGHT FACING .NOTE. The Municipal Police were trying to restore order in the Black Townships of South Africa during the late 1980's, many members were either killed or murdered and the Force was disbanded, many going into the SAP
2 A obsolete Southern African " BOPHUTHATSWANA POLICE DOG HANDLERS" qualification badge. Note. The country of Bophuthatswana ceased to exist in 1994 when it was incorporated into South Africa and the Police and Defence force was disbanded
3Southern African defunct MIDRAND TRAFFIC POLICE obsolete DOG HANDLERS Officers breast star badge in gilt metal & enamel finish
4A 1990's issue obsolete, South African Police K9 * PATROL * Dog Handlers SMALLER size patch embroided on SAP BLUE.
5 A  1990's issue obsolete defunct,South African Police.K9 * NARCOTICS UNIT * Dog Handlers patch embroided on SAP BLUE material.Note,This one has the letters and inner border embroidered in YELLOW, there is another varient embroidered in blue which is also smaller in size.